An Initiative to save Earth

We have planted more than 120 plants at SOG crime Ahmedabad.

We also want to help our environment to get freedom from pollution and global warming as we believe our mother Earth has right to live in pristine form

The objective of the event is to encourage people, specially, youth to understand the value of nature and to create pristine environment for our future generation.Have some memorable moments with SOG Crime Department, Ahmedabad.People lead by respected DCP Dr.Harshad Patel & ACP Mr.BC Solanki.They were ably supported by PI Mr.Parmar & Brijesh Patel.with their support the team planted around 120 saplings. The soil was well mixed & Enriched by organic manure.


We were also joined by Agrasen Organisation.Further renowned Builder Mr.Pramodji Poddar, Chemical Factory Owner Pradipbhai Patel, Leading Broker Firm owner Manish Vyas also joined.


The purpose of the program is to encourage people, especially, to explain the values ??of nature and create a natural environment for future generations�SOG Crime Team assured to take care of each and every plant on daily basis.


Date: 29th�July, 2019
Time: 05:00 pm � 07:30 pm
Venue: SOG Crime, Juhapura, Ahmedabad.


Guest List:
Attended by : SAVE EARTH TEAM

Mr. Dr.Harshad Patel �� (DCP-SOG CRIME Ahmedabad)

Mr. B.C. Solanki (ACP � SOG CRIME Ahmedabad)

Mr. Brijesh Patel ��� (Senior P.S.I. � SOG CRIME Ahmedabad )

Mr. AD Parmar ( PI � SOG CRIME Ahmedabad )

Mr. Vivek Trivedi (PSI � SOG CRIME Ahmedabad )

Mr. Yogesh S Shirsath (PSI �� SOG CRIME Ahmedabad )

Mr. BD Bhatt (PSI � SOG CRIME Ahmedabad )

Mr. DI Solanki (PSI � SOG CRIME Ahmedabad )

Mr. ML Solanki (PSI � SOG CRIME Ahmedabad )

Mr. Ajay V� Shiyaliya (PSI � SOG CRIME Ahmedabad )

Mr. PK Bhut (PSI � SOG CRIME Ahmedabad )

Mr. Hardik Patel (PSI � SOG CRIME Ahmedabad )

Mr.Pramodji Poddar

Mr.Pradipbhai Patel� (Chemical Factory Owner)

Mr.Manish Vyas (Leading Broker firm Owner)