An Initiative to save our planet – Tree Plantation Campaign at Adarsh School

Save Earth Trust, is committed to support meaningful environmental initiatives to save our planet Earth. Through its environmental programs with partner organizations and employee volunteering tree plantation work is undertaken in Gujarat State. As a part of our goal for go green Initiative, we have started our first phase of tree plantation campaign and planted 150 trees in the school of Jetalpur Village.

The objective of the event is to encourage people, specially, youth to understand the value of nature and to create pristine environment for our future generation.

Date                      : July 10, 2017

Time                      : 8.30:00 am – 11:30 am

Venue                  : M. P. Pandya High School, Jetalpur Village, Ahmedabad District, Gujarat

Attended by      : Mr. Sunil C. Bohara (Trustee -Save Earth)

  1. J. Desai (Principal- M. P. Pandya High School)
  2. L. Bhatt (Trustee – M. P. Pandya High School)



Program Schedule:

8.30 A.M.: Assembly at M. P. Pandya High School

8.35 – 9.15 A.M.: welcome of Guests and addressing objective to students of the school, sharing history of school and discussing environmental issues and feasible solutions.

9.20 – 10.50 A.M.: Tree Plantation Activity

11:00 A. M.: Refreshment


Mr. Sunil C. Bohara, Trustee, Save Earth Trust said “importance of Guru is incredible and everyone should give respect to their teachers and mentors. Since the time of Mahabharata and Ramayana importance of guru is never diminished.  Further talking about environment and survival of habitat of planet, planting more trees is one of the ways toensure our commitment to ‘Save the planet’.  It is very much important to nurture nature andInstitutions like M.P. Pandya High school comingforward to nurture the trees is another step forward in that direction.”

Teacher of the school said “on the occasion of 75th Death Anniversary of their Trustee Shri Mojilal P. Pandya, it was honor to organize such an environmental initiative.Jetalpur Village is a historic place as it is origin of Swaminarayan God and famous Gujarati poet ‘Akho’. Shri M.P  Pandya has developed the trust for the needy people and established school in the year 1936 to provide education to the students of Jetalpur and surrounding villages”

Mr. D. L. Desai, Principal of M. P. Pandya High School said “It is very important to nurture trees and on behalf of school students, I would take responsibility to feed them to make it grow and payback to nature.”